“Rebecca” Script Finished…

Our script for our third movie in our sci-fi “Faction” series…Rebecca takes place in the present, and involves a young man and woman embroiled in a fight to stay together…when both opposite sides of each of their respective groups decide it’s time they are apart.

When the young man takes action in ways no one expected, the world of the movie is turned upside-down.

In development since 2006, this will be the movie Filmman does after Nation’s Young Blood.
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Script Excerpt:

Rebecca Excerpt 1


“Carto 6435” script finished…

The script for Carto 6435 is finished…pre-production has begun.

The script, another in our sci-fi “Faction” series…centers on Rebecca and Jonathan Korman…chosen to travel into the farthest reaches of space and be the first to map our galaxy for human interstellar travel. Prepared and chosen for their ability to pilot and travel through space and to pass the rigorous testing regimen…Rebecca has never wanted anything else for her life. But is all as it seems?

The film has already cast Nathan Faudree as Jonathan Korman and Oliver Burns as Tyler Shepard. (Both actors appeared in Singularity)

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Carto 6435 Excerpt 1

First post…Singularity is finished. Visit the website!

Yes, I put an exclamation mark in the very first filmman post title…live with it. This is somewhat of a momentous moment here for me…(both the word moment and the descriptor for moment have moment in them…cool) and so I wanted to keep it simple and just say that Singularity is finished…so please, visit the site.


So, yeah…that’s it…the movie is done…I will post some things about The Hub and try to get some videos on the website, so…stay tuned. Most everything else is there, though, so…hope you like.

The links to the trailers on youtube are:

Trailer 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZFkjekSsHY

Trailer 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxsQY_-KxoU


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