“Renaissance” script excerpt and concept drawings

Renaissance is the Neuls Brothers operatic space epic, a story ten years in the making, a story that’s been waiting to be told since Brian Neuls learned he could write scripts. Humans have moved out into space. The Earth is ruled by a large conglomerate of Corporations, divided roughly into East and West. A terrible tragedy strikes the Earth, and the refugees of the affected countries must be put somewhere. A radical new plan has been put forth, and for years, the refugees have created a livable world on a foreign world…but things are about to change.

The lid is tight on this one, but here’s a script excerpt and some (rough) concept drawings. (Please forgive us….we can’t draw.)
(All movie summaries and script excerpts and concept drawings Copyright 2008 Brian Neuls & Paul Neuls)

Script Excerpt: EDIT: (Script Excerpt 1 is two parts of the script put together. It ends abruptly, because I don’t want to give away what comes right after that last excerpt line. So if it seems disjointed…my apologies.)

Renaissance Script Excerpt 1

Renaissance Script Excerpt 2

Concept Drawings:

Edit: Script Excerpt 1 now online. Having trouble with the drawings being uploaded, but working hard to get them on here…sorry.


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