“Carto-6435B” being written…

The “sequel” to Carto-6435 is being written, and is entitled “Carto-6435B”.

The corporation has been testing cartos for generations. However immoral or unethical the testing methods may be, Jonathan Korman is the first Carto ever to map our universe.

While on a routine exo-carto mission, something happens. Something no programming or limited understanding of our universe could ever comprehend. And now, unable to dock at a gateway or get back to Earth or exit the ship, Jonathan Korman must find a way to get his discovery out of the ship in the hopes that one day the computer core can be found by someone…so we all can know and understand what many could never believe exists.

Nathan Faudree has been cast as Jonathan Korman.

All movie summaries and script excerpts Copyright 2008 Brian Neuls & Paul Neuls

Script Excerpts:

White Hole Excerpt 1


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