Singularity accepted into the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

Just a quick post to say that Singularity was accepted into the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. Congrats to all the actors and to my brother and to myself. Hopefully this is the beginning of a good festival run.

This, my really first test of entering festivals has been a real eye-opener, to the sheer amount of festivals, the different levels that different festivals operate on and how difficult it is to gauge who will accept what.

Making Singularity, I never thought running time would be much of a problem. I always assumed anything over maybe 40 minutes would be full length, yes? Well, no. Most of the festivals want movies over 60 or seventy minutes to be full length and anything under a short. Who goes to festivals to see a short film over 45 minutes? Maybe some, but I don’t see how you can program an hour block of short films with a 52 minute movie in there…

So the big lesson here has been to ensure any movie from this point out is over seventy minutes, and, of course, that those seventy minutes work, or else just leave it at twenty minutes.

But, Philadelphia Independent allowed 55 minutes and under, as does Hollywood film festival, which is 45 minutes and under…they’re out there…just have to find them.

So, again, congrats everyone, hope this is one of many.

The festival website is:

The film’s website is:

The trailers are here:

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

See Singularity posting below for more information.


One response to “Singularity accepted into the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

  1. Independent films/business/work in general I think is widely accepted in Philadelphia more than a lot of places. Philly is small enough that you can make a name for yourself and big enough to get somewhere with it. What do you think? I’m still a little new so if you want to leave a comment, you might have to do it on my blog so I can get it. (its http://www.staticity.wordpress)

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