Singularity wins best sci-fi at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival!

The Neuls Brothers film Singularity won best sci-fi at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.


Untitled Naheem Garcia/Fred Robbins Boston project now has finished script-

The next film, an untitled Boston project, now has a finished script.

Untitled Boston Project (“BOSTON”) will star local Boston acting stalwarts Naheem Garcia, Fred Robbins and Scott Neufville.

“BOSTON” is about an inventor (Fred Robbins) and a businessman (Naheem Garcia) who enter into an agreement when the businessman realizes the implications of what the technology that’s been invented may one day become. Is this uneasy agreement all that it seems? Who are the others who will do anything to get the inventor and his new technology? Can the businessman keep everything together and win the patent and the prototype while being true and honest with the inventor?

The film will be shot in Boston and will involve all the above-mentioned actors.

Script Excerpt 1: Boston Project Excerpt 1

Script Excerpt 2: Boston Project Excerpt 2

Carto-6435B, formerly White Hole, is now finished…

The screenplay for Carto-6435B, formerly White Hole, is finished and pre-production has begun.

The budget is being drawn-up and contracts will be handed out to principals already in play.

A script excerpt is available below (in a former post), and a few more excerpts and concept drawings will be made available shortly.