Boston-based “Recognition” being written

Filmman is currently writing a Boston-based drama entitled “Recognition”.

This stark drama follows a young man, Brian, for an entire day as he recognizes a young child as someone he is sure that he knows, but doesn’t know why. When it becomes apparent the young child begins leading her mother on a quest to follow Brian, he knows she recognizes him, also, and it leads to an explosive, shocking understanding that will change both their lives forever.


“Prequel” to Rebecca being written and will be shot before the “Boston Project”

Filmman is currently writing the prequel to “Rebecca” and will be shooting the story with Fred Robbins and Scott Neufville, and hopefully with Naheem Garcia in a cameo that foreshadows his role in “Rebecca”.

This untitled “prequel” will be shooting in and around Boston.

Updates and excerpts will be posted shortly.