Filmman is writing the next film, entitled: “Heresy”.

The Near Future: Church and State are now one single entity. New laws have been enacted; a new shared constitution has been written to reflect this. People live under a strict set of rules and laws known collectively as “The New Moral Code”, a code set forth by a consortium of religious entities, all of whom have put aside their religious differences to create a “super-religion” encompassing all member faiths, and with a single “book” and set of “faith-based” understandings.

This organization, known as the Alliance for Religious Governing, is a religious U.N. that has consolidated and gained more power than any government entity in the history of the world. With the ARG in power, it is a time of suppressive rule, a time of churches and mosques and temples all collected under the control of one religious governing body; it is a time of religious fervor, a time when any of a number of specified “immoral acts”, no matter how trivial, is deemed an affront to the Church and is thereafter deemed a hostile act and is classified: “Heresy”.


“Discrimen” being written…

Filmman is currently writing the futuristic thriller “Discrimen”.

BOSTON, 2099: The world is in an unstable state of continuous conflict. The last 50 years has been a time of Total War. Technology and industry has advanced at an exponential rate. The world is now separated into individual, self-governing city-states, each with their own laws and infrastructure.

Full militaries have been replaced by squadrons of “Super-Fighters”, extremely-proficient freedom fighters, trained and equipped with the latest technology and weaponry, far advanced of the “Unification Fighters”, the splinter groups fighting to unite the world under a single, socialist government entity.

And now, one of those squadrons has reached the outer-most border of the most powerful city-state in what is now the Democratic Free States.

The squad is hurt, tired and on the run. If they cross the border, they’re declaring open war…if they stay where they are…they will certainly be overrun and all die.

Among this crack group of “Super-Fighters”, one man stands alone: Nike Wiknam.

This is the story of how he and a small, battered group of his men ultimately became the impetus for what would come to be known as…the “APD Wars”.


APD Correlated Enhanced Dictionary (v. 1.1) – unabridged

carto [kahr-tø] – n. a man or woman trained and tasked for the
exo-stellar mapping of the known solar-system, galaxy and beyond.
referencing sources:
Jonathan Korman: first known “carto” (successful)
Rebecca Korman: first known “carto” (failed)
APD: first official corporation involved in “carto” operations

Jonathan Korman is the first of his kind: the first successful “carto” – a future breed of pioneering men and women tasked with surveying and mapping our known galaxy and beyond. Their mission: to open shipping and transport and navigation lanes in far space, helping to usher mankind into the next epoch of deep-space exploration.

Joining Korman on this mission is “David”, the ship’s onboard psychological nano-construct and the most advanced computer entity of its time.

While on a routine sub-area mapping mission, something goes wrong: horribly wrong.

Korman must now deal with a punctured hull before time runs out and his understanding of what happened is gone forever. He devises a plan to get the information off the ship and in the process, he learns just what “David” is capable of.

©2008 Brian Neuls