APD Correlated Enhanced Dictionary (v. 1.1) – unabridged

carto [kahr-tø] – n. a man or woman trained and tasked for the
exo-stellar mapping of the known solar-system, galaxy and beyond.
referencing sources:
Jonathan Korman: first known “carto” (successful)
Rebecca Korman: first known “carto” (failed)
APD: first official corporation involved in “carto” operations

Jonathan Korman is the first of his kind: the first successful “carto” – a future breed of pioneering men and women tasked with surveying and mapping our known galaxy and beyond. Their mission: to open shipping and transport and navigation lanes in far space, helping to usher mankind into the next epoch of deep-space exploration.

Joining Korman on this mission is “David”, the ship’s onboard psychological nano-construct and the most advanced computer entity of its time.

While on a routine sub-area mapping mission, something goes wrong: horribly wrong.

Korman must now deal with a punctured hull before time runs out and his understanding of what happened is gone forever. He devises a plan to get the information off the ship and in the process, he learns just what “David” is capable of.

©2008 Brian Neuls


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