“Discrimen” being written…

Filmman is currently writing the futuristic thriller “Discrimen”.

BOSTON, 2099: The world is in an unstable state of continuous conflict. The last 50 years has been a time of Total War. Technology and industry has advanced at an exponential rate. The world is now separated into individual, self-governing city-states, each with their own laws and infrastructure.

Full militaries have been replaced by squadrons of “Super-Fighters”, extremely-proficient freedom fighters, trained and equipped with the latest technology and weaponry, far advanced of the “Unification Fighters”, the splinter groups fighting to unite the world under a single, socialist government entity.

And now, one of those squadrons has reached the outer-most border of the most powerful city-state in what is now the Democratic Free States.

The squad is hurt, tired and on the run. If they cross the border, they’re declaring open war…if they stay where they are…they will certainly be overrun and all die.

Among this crack group of “Super-Fighters”, one man stands alone: Nike Wiknam.

This is the story of how he and a small, battered group of his men ultimately became the impetus for what would come to be known as…the “APD Wars”.


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