Filmman is writing the next film, entitled: “Heresy”.

The Near Future: Church and State are now one single entity. New laws have been enacted; a new shared constitution has been written to reflect this. People live under a strict set of rules and laws known collectively as “The New Moral Code”, a code set forth by a consortium of religious entities, all of whom have put aside their religious differences to create a “super-religion” encompassing all member faiths, and with a single “book” and set of “faith-based” understandings.

This organization, known as the Alliance for Religious Governing, is a religious U.N. that has consolidated and gained more power than any government entity in the history of the world. With the ARG in power, it is a time of suppressive rule, a time of churches and mosques and temples all collected under the control of one religious governing body; it is a time of religious fervor, a time when any of a number of specified “immoral acts”, no matter how trivial, is deemed an affront to the Church and is thereafter deemed a hostile act and is classified: “Heresy”.


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