“Discrimen” cast overview: Oliver Burns is Martan Cogren

Sorry for the long absence, but Filmman is back, and each day we’ll be profiling a character and cast member of Filmman’s next project, “Discrimen”.

We’ll include a brief bio. and a portion of one or more of their scenes and include pictures and any other relevant information.


Set in the near future, Discrimen revolves around a defining moment of the APD Wars, and of the greatest soldier of that conflict, Nike Wiknam. Beaten, hungry and exhausted from fighting, Nike Wiknam and his men have been pushed to the border of the large city-state of Suffolk (formerly Boston). With no options and limited resources and a bureaucracy that would rather see them dead, they must now make one of two decisions: declare civil war and march on their homeland or face certain death. For the greatest soldier of his generation, that decision may not be his alone to make.

Martan Cogren:

Actor: Oliver Burns

Oliver Burns is Martan Cogren

Oliver Burns is Martan Cogren

Martan Cogren was once a shining star in one of Nike Wiknam’s first and most successful fighting outfits.

Showing as much skill with battlefield negotiation as with the most modern weapon, it wasn’t long before Wiknam was counting on him to secure some of the most difficult, important engagements of the APD wars.

Unfortunately, being as good as he was, his ego eventually got the best of him and he attempted to secure command of his own outfit.

Once released by Wiknam and given control over a smaller “guerilla” unit far in the outlands, it was soon made clear that Martan was in far over his head. His skills with negotiation did not extend to commanding other soldiers, and through mistakes of his own and the work of many others, he soon found that, with no opportunity to return to the life he once had, he would now have to ‘play the game’ and be part of a system that will force him to make a decision that will have profound effects on what happens to Wiknam and what remains of his old colleagues in the ‘Elite Eleventh’.

Oliver Burns biography:


Script Excerpts:

Cogren Scene 1

All synopses, overviews, script excerpts copyright 2009 Brian Neuls/Neuls Brothers Films


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