Discrimen Cast Overview: Nathan Faudree is Lieutenant Porter Latrillo

Again, each day Filmman will be profiling a character and cast member of his next project, “Discrimen”.

We’ll include a brief bio. and a portion of one or more of their scenes and include pictures and any other relevant information.


Set in the near future, Discrimen revolves around a defining moment of the APD Wars, and of the greatest soldier of that conflict, Nike Wiknam. Beaten, hungry and exhausted from fighting, Nike Wiknam and his men have been pushed to the border of the large city-state of Suffolk (formerly Boston). With no options and limited resources and a bureaucracy that would rather see them dead, they must now make one of two decisions: declare civil war and march on their homeland or face certain death. For the greatest soldier of his generation, that decision may not be his alone to make.

Lieutenant Porter Latrillo:

Actor: Nathan Faudree

Nathan Faudree is Lieutenant Porter Latrillo

Nathan Faudree is Lieutenant Porter Latrillo

Lieutenant Porter Latrillo has known Nike Wiknam since their first mandatory “Incorporation” classes since they were both 12 years old.

With both of their competitive natures, a pact was drawn early in their friendship of who would become the greatest military figure of the APD; Nike won.

But rather than be jealous or even worse, envious, Latrillo early on realized what a force of nature Nike was and would become and dedicated his life to ensuring he would do everything in his power to convince his best friend he would never need to think there wasn’t ever anyone not  there ‘watching his back’.

Through some of the most pressing and important engagements of the APD Wars, Latrillo has been there, steadfastly standing beside his best friend, obeying when he should, questioning when needed and fighting without reservation for the ideals they both hold true.

This loyalty to man and ideal stays with Latrillo throughout Discrimen and plays a central role in the outcome of the most important engagement in the history of the APD Wars.

Nathan Faudree Biography:

Nathan Faudree grew up in a very small cow town in upstate New York. He escaped several years ago and has been making his way as an actor ever since. He can be seen as the title character in Kottentail.  Yes, he’s a killer Easter Bunny.  He can also be seen in the upcoming films, Bigfoot at Holler Creek, The Shrieking, Hunting Season and Singularity. He has also co-written and starred in several plays with the theater company, “trip.”.  Including the critically acclaimed 4play and Finding Graffenberg. He has officially been dubbed “The Scream King”, by Fangoria Radio, and was a runner up in the “Master of Horror” competition for Arrow in the Head.com. Project Greenlight says that he “deserves his own sitcom.” Most importantly, he has an unhealthy fascination with monkeys.

All posts, script excerpts and concept drawings Copyright 2009 Brian Neuls/Neuls Brothers Films


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