Discrimen Cast Overview: Miguel Lopes is Maxim Sommers

Each day Filmman will be profiling a character and cast member of his next project, “Discrimen”.

We’ll include a brief bio. and a portion of one or more of their scenes and include pictures and any other relevant information.


Set in the near future, Discrimen revolves around a defining moment of the APD Wars, and of the greatest soldier of that conflict, Nike Wiknam. Beaten, hungry and exhausted from fighting, Nike Wiknam and his men have been pushed to the border of the large city-state of Suffolk (formerly Boston). With no options and limited resources and a bureaucracy that would rather see them dead, they must now make one of two decisions: declare civil war and march on their homeland or face certain death. For the greatest soldier of his generation, that decision may not be his alone to make.

Maxim Sommers:

Actor:  Miguel Lopes

Miguel Lopes is Maxim Sommers

Miguel Lopes is Maxim Sommers

Maxim Sommers is a fierce and loyal fighter who has been a part of many of the greatest battles of the APD Wars with the “Elite Eleventh”, including the ‘Asian Insurrection’, the ‘Maya Uprising’ and perhaps the fiercest campaign of the APD Wars, the ‘Laredo State Militia Uprising’.

Veteran and battle-hardened enough to be promoted to First Lieutenant, he has respectfully declined all promotion advances for, in his words, “…life is all about killing Insurgents, not commanding others to do so for me.”

It is during this final campaign, through simple words and gestures, guiding Rubio through the toughest fight of all of their lives, that he will realize, perhaps, he has something to impart to those less veteran than himself above just “…aiming for the heart and head and making sure you hit at least one of those.”

Miguel Lopes bio:

Script Excerpt:

Sommers Scene 1

All Post information, Script Excerpts and Concept Drawings Copyright 2009 Brian  Neuls/Neuls Brothers Films


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