Excerpt from Volume 1 of Frances Palatine’s epic account of the APD Wars: The Rise of the APD

Frances Palatine:



The foremost chronicler of the modern age of the APD.

His books have been read by millions on two worlds.

Last known public photo of Frances Palatine

Last known public photo of Frances Palatine

Presidents, kings, rulers and shahs have consulted him on the important facets of his age.

And we have been granted access to write about the man and his work.

Much can be said in regards what is arguably the largest figure to ever grace the intellectual stage.

We will start by presenting each Volume of his epic masterpiece trilogy chronicling the APD Wars.

This is Volume 1: Rise of the APD


Rise of the APD is Volume 1 of Frances Palatine’s epic opus, his trilogy chronicling the greatest corporation of his age and the people of both worlds living within its large grasp.

His is a trilogy borne of the blood of his family; of the men and women he knew intimately who gave their all to build a new world on a foreign planet.

His is a trilogy of great men who led the way, and average men who gave all so a select few could change the world.

His is a chronicle of a world many know, but few could ever have imagined.

His is a chronicle of the “The Rise of the APD”.

Volume 1 excerpt 1:

Many believe the APD was created solely for the purpose of colonizing other worlds. Many more believe, perhaps rightly so, that the APD was created solely for the purpose of subjugating millions.

But what few, if any, realize is that the APD wasn’t ‘created’ at all.

For those who care, the APD is hundreds of years of the greatest legal and strategic business maneuvering either of the two worlds has ever seen. The APD is trillions of dollars and millions of man-hours of negotiating, cajoling, attempting to inveigle, working to influence and scurrying furiously to de-regulate business regulation. The APD is every strong corporation ever started by young men with dreams looking to sell high. The APD is as powerful as that, and more-so. The APD has a hand in every facet of your life. And for better or worse…the APD is here to stay.

“The APD was no more created,” in the words of one of its greatest leaders, “than it was birthed, fully-formed, from the sweat and hard work of thousands of men and women who gave everything, from the lowliest independent business owner who sold all he had to the APD in exchange for a comfortable retirement, to the largest corporate leverage of a fellow corporation that itself wanted to do what only the APD had ever managed. The APD is a great beast of everything that has come before. No one could as much have predicted its forming as they could have predicted we would colonize a second world. But we did, and we’re all the better for it. The world allowed the APD to form, and regardless what you hear, we are all that much better for it.”

Volume 1 Excerpt 2:

And that was when the leader of the largest corporation two worlds has ever seen realized: his was a different war, at a different time in what became his near future. For this was not a foreign land; a foreign place, but a land known all too well. It was the remains of a once-proud America, now a loose confederation of city-states, and he lorded over it all: over city-states ravaged by civil war and governed by a corporation so large, even he wasn’t aware of 375 of the thousand most-senior officers.

But if anyone will tell you, he will, in his throaty eastern seaboard accent, that it wasn’t necessary for him to know them, it was only his to know what they had ever done. And he knew it all, and he controlled it all. He controlled the only corporation to ever legally wage war. The only corporation to ever legally draft ‘conflict participants’. The only corporation ever to legally occupy a foreign, sovereign land. And he did it publicly and proudly. And perhaps that was his greatest strength: he didn’t care. What anyone thought, what anyone said, what anyone wrote. His was a simple answer, used so effectively so many times: “I have only to think about this company and the millions who depend on it to live…anything else…is useless.” (ed. note: So many times this author thought it was done so well once before, in many situations, by another leader, with a simple…’so?’. But perhaps that’s why that man is remembered as he is today and why this man has maintained a steel grip on the world few could ever claim. )

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