Discrimen Cast Overview: Manuela Farina is Atalia Oberlan

Each day Filmman will be profiling a character and cast member of his next project, “Discrimen”.

We’ll include a brief bio. and a portion of one or more of their scenes and include pictures and any other relevant information.


Set in the near future, Discrimen revolves around a defining moment of the APD Wars, and of the greatest soldier of that conflict, Nike Wiknam. Beaten, hungry and exhausted from fighting, Nike Wiknam and his men have been pushed to the border of the large city-state of Suffolk (formerly Boston). With no options and limited resources and a bureaucracy that would rather see them dead, they must now make one of two decisions: declare civil war and march on their homeland or face certain death. For the greatest soldier of his generation, that decision may not be his alone to make.


Actress: Manuela Farina

Manuela Farina is Atalia Oberlan

Manuela Farina is Atalia Oberlan

One of the greatest engagements fought on any soil in any war:

The Siege at Kulkulkan.

One injured General-Soldier. One Brazilian Civilian of Italian Heritage.

The great pyramid at Kulkulkan.

2,000 Insurgents stopped dead-cold by sheer force of will and one superior modern weapon.

Atalia Oberlan: Aimless. Homeless. Living a life with no true meaning. In the right place at the wrong time but lucky enough to survive through the greatest single defense of a great man ever recorded.

Two souls on far different paths converging in the dense rain forests of Mexico.

One: a great man escaping death.

The other: an aimless soul wandering her adopted country.

Both will meet at the steps of an abandoned ancient wonder.

And both will be tested beyond anything they ever thought either would experience.

Both would pull through. And one would grant the other immediate award and entry into his world. It wasn’t what she asked for and it wasn’t what she expected. But it was, once again, where her life had led her.

Many live a life of expectance and dream of a life spent experiencing.

One woman of a life spent experiencing made decisions in a moment that gave her a role she never expected.

Actor info:

Website: www.manuelafarina.com

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Spotlight on: Emmanuel Sutter

Today we put the spotlight on one of the greatest minds of the APD: Emmanuel Sutter.

David Lamberton is Emmanuel Sutter

David Lamberton is Emmanuel Sutter

“The only true way is for the many to give up what they want so that a select few can benefit from what they can achieve.”

It is he who drafted the original Articles of Incorporation;  the original and still-in-use-to-this-day Incorporation Manual; the original plan for the terraforming of another world, that led directly to the push to send the original colonists to Mars…and the only man to ever make the return trip from a foreign planet.

Emmanuel Sutter has shaped his world as much as Edison shaped his age; as much as Einstein shaped his.

Arguably one of the most brilliant scientific minds to ever grace the world stage.

We have been granted access to talk about this man and his work. Easily the most revered scientist to grace our world stage and perhaps the most popular scientist of all time.

Many, however, believe him to be simply a tool of the corporate world to which he so easily seems to relate. Undoubtedly influential, but to what end? And for what means? And when a scientist decides to use his nearly limitless gifts for furthering any state’s agenda…does everyone not have the right to use and profit from the advancements he finds? Where is the line and who draws it?

Emmanuel Sutter. You live by rules that he drafted. A new world has been created from his discoveries and breakthroughs. It is impossible not to revere the man, but can we question his choices? And would the brilliant man care what you think? All that matters is what he’s done, and what he’s done…has changed the world.

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